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When you need to know the basic information about a particular city, it doesn't get much easier to find it than using our simple city structure. It is structured like: State, County, City, Zip Code. How easy & logical is that?

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Many times you can find a website that will give you information related to US cities, but leave out the county the city is in. Not at City-State-Zip, find detailed information regarding all the US counties today.


City-State-Zip.Net is now an established website! We'd like to thank our visitors for supporting us! We have recently added functionality, features and content, including a map that shows the general area being looked up.

Right now you can use the zip code directory below to find any city, state and zip code in the United States. We have top links, state flags, county information, area codes, and other details currently available. If you have questions or comments, or would like to suggest a feature or link, we'd love to hear from you.

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We have a single webpage dedicated to every US zip code, along with useful information about the area, including a map, and useful information about the state. Please use the US zip code (US postal codes) directory below to find what you need. We are looking forward to steadily improving these resources, and featuring related travel and location information on our site. Thansk!

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